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Clean Energy

We support initiatives that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. Renewable options, such as solar and wind energy, are extremely valuable to Virginians by providing power during peak use, cost savings, local employment opportunities, and reduction to carbon pollution.

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Healthy Rivers

Healthy rivers help provide safe drinking water and allow people to enjoy the benefits of water-based recreation. Clean water is imperative to the protection of our wildlife and ecosystems, including commercial fisheries. Virginia’s business community—including the tourism, wine, beer, and fishing industries—depends on clean water.

Providing sound policies and funding that protect and restore our streams and rivers is essential to Virginia’s continued prosperity.

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Green Communities

Green communities embrace smart growth and public transportation, in addition to protecting land for agriculture and recreation. Benefits of green communities include creation of/increased access to jobs, lower infrastructure costs, less expensive public services, higher property values, increased crop yields, and protection of wildlife and green spaces.

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