About Us

Founded as the Conservation Council of Virginia in 1969, Virginia Conservation Network (VCN) began as a roundtable of major conservation groups and has grown to include over 120 Network Partners across the Commonwealth. VCN is committed to building a powerful, diverse, and highly-coordinated conservation movement focused on protecting our Commonwealth’s natural resources today and for tomorrow.

VCN is a facilitator of strategic action, a resource for Network Partners statewide, and a constant conservation presence in Virginia’s Capitol. Playing a unique role in Virginia’s conservation community, VCN helps the community speak with one coordinated voice. The organization and its staff focus on strengthening the conservation community as a whole and winning environmental victories that benefit all Virginians.

VCN’s Network Partners work on a wide range of issues from stream restoration to transportation reform to renewable energy advancement to promoting sustainable community growth and more. Given the diverse work of our Partners, VCN organizes its programs into three main categories: Healthy Rivers, Clean Energy, and Green Communities.

VCN serves as the Virginia Affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). NWF and its affiliates are committed to increasing America’s fish and wildlife populations and enhancing their capacity to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Find out more at nwf.org.


Mary Rafferty | Executive Director

Kelley Galownia | Communications Manager

Kristie Smith | Policy and Campaigns Manager – Energy and Transportation

Mariah Davis | Conservation Organizer

Stephanie Palmer | Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors