Clean Energy


Where We Are

Unfortunately only a tiny percentage of Virginia’s electricity comes from renewable sources. For example, of the 20,000 megawatts (MW) of power generated by Dominion Virginia Power, only 30 MW are from solar and zero MW are from wind. Dozens of bills were introduced in the 2016 session to increase Virginia’s use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology. While the debate on those policies continues, the conservation community was able to secure other clean energy victories, including the sunset of ineffective coal industry tax credits and some movement forward on measuring and verifying energy efficiency.

Where We’re Going

How Virginia powers its businesses and homes has a significant impact on our public health and environment. We must transition away from historic fossil fuel sources and build the New Virginia Economy with clean technologies, including wind, solar, and energy efficiency. We can cut carbon and other pollutants, lower electricity bills for customers, and generate good paying jobs by building Virginia’s clean energy future. The technology is available and neighboring states are seizing the opportunities—Virginia must as well.

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