Green Communities


Where We Are

Virginia has one of the best land conservation programs in the nation. This year’s session approved $20 million for the preservation of parks, farmlands, historic lands, and battlefields. Additionally, VCN and its Network Partners have long fought to expand transit in Virginia—this year, our attention was set on successfully defeating harmful bills and budget amendments. These proposals would have advanced destructive highway projects, blocked funding for rail improvements between Richmond and Washington D.C., and likely reduced transit funding.

Where We’re Going

Virginia’s amazing landscape defines the Commonwealth. Therefore, it is imperative that we preserve the rolling hills of the Piedmont, the sandy banks of the coastal plain, the fertile soils of the Valley, the dense forests of the Southwest, and the many other beautiful regions across the state. Supporting policies that encourage the development of communities that respect and preserve these landscapes is an important component of VCN’s work. Through commonsense growth practices, we can both build for tomorrow and protect the historic and scenic beauty of Virginia.

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