Healthy Rivers


Where We Are

We are pleased that protections for our rivers and streams received significant funding in 2016, a true win for all residents of the Commonwealth. Over $60 million was allocated to Virginia’s Agricultural Cost Share Program—the most received in recent years. With a successful track record, these funds help farmers implement important practices—such as building fences to keep cattle out of streams—which keep Virginia’s waterways clean. Additionally, $20 million will be allocated to the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund, to support projects that curb urban stormwater pollution.

Where We’re Going

Virginia’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay are critically important for a thriving Commonwealth. Healthy rivers and streams provide safe drinking water and allow residents and visitors to enjoy Virginia’s abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Clean water is not only critical for our wildlife and ecosystems but also for Virginia’s major industries including agriculture, tourism, and fisheries. VCN is committed to supporting sound policies and the funding necessary to protect and restore our rivers and streams.

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