Take Action

Governor McAuliffe recently directed the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to address climate change and grow clean energy by reducing carbon pollution from Virginia’s power plants through Executive Directive 11.

Virginia is joining cities, counties, and states across the country that understand all levels of government must act on climate — particularly in light of President Trump’s continued attacks on environmental protections, including pulling out of the Paris Agreement. While Executive Directive 11 is a significant step in the right direction, our work does not stop here.

We need your help to ensure DEQ uses its full authority to draft the strongest rules possible to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, tackle climate change in the Commonwealth, and grow a clean energy economy. As Virginians, we have the right to weigh in during this process to ensure the outcome is strong, equitable, and scientifically sound.

Tell DEQ you care about climate action by signing the petition above.